What is KLUE?

KLUE is used for user testing websites on mobile devices. KLUE records on-screen activity and gestures along with audio.

Who can benefit from KLUE?

User experience professionals, product managers, web designers and developers, interaction designers, and anyone interested in how users interact with websites can benefit from using KLUE.  KLUE gives you the ability to see and hear how users engage with your website.

What can I test with KLUE?

You can test any publicly accessible non-Flash website or content that can be displayed in a web browser.

What changes do I need to make to my site?

None! KLUE works with your site as designed and developed.

What equipment do participants need to take my study?

Nothing besides their mobile device!  Participants download the KLUE app and can participate in a study from anywhere.  Due to the size of the recording, participants are encouraged to take the study when a WIFI connection is available.

How long do participants have to take my study?

Participants can begin a study at any time until either the maximum number of completed studies is met or the study end date is reached.  Participants can take as much time as needed to complete tasks.

How long are test results stored?

Test results are stored for at least 60 days after your study completion date.  You can begin downloading results as soon as they are submitted.  After your study is completed, you can also request that we ship you a Flash drive with all participant video.